Organic Extravirgine Olive Oil 100% made in Italy for your family

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In our Organic Farm you can buy always extravirgin olive oil of the last harvest season without risk.

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5 Liters can Olio Sortino Olio Sortino 5 liters metal cans

5 Liters Can - 100%  Italian Extravirgin Olive Oil

Price for one can - 45,00 €

Sicily extravirgin olive oil Olio Sortino 1 liter can

1 Liter Can - 100% Italian Extravirgin Olive Oil

Price for one can - 10,00 €

Olio Sortino home maded ceramic bottle . Olio sortino ceramics

Home maded artistic ceramic  100% Italian Extravirgin Olive Oil

Bottle 500 ml - 15,00 €

Bottle 250 ml - 10,00 €

Bottle 100 ml  - 5,00 €

Delivery in Europe

For customers out of Italy each quotation will be customized by our office. Delivery price can change a lot in according with final destination of our products, but in Europe delivery price are not so expensive, more or less for one full parcel with 28 liters delivery price will be  1,5 € for each liter of olive oil. Minimum order 10 liter

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You can buy our oil every day  directly here on the farm adress is: Bed&Breakfast Baglio Degli Ulivi - street Castellammare 276  - Crocevie Valderice- Sicilia, 

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